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Today, pest control has become a real public hygiene and economic challenge. Worldwide, LIPHATECH stands out as a major stakeholder providing effective and reliable solutions to serve environmental health and the economy.

The company was created in the 1960s following the discovery of an anticoagulant molecule that has since been dedicated to rodent control. In 2002 LIPHATECH joined the DE SANGOSSE Group, which supplies and distributes plant protection products and pest control products.

For more than 50 years, LIPHATECH has devoted its resources and been focussing its expertise on rodent control.
In 1961, LIPHATECH discovered and patented the first anticoagulant molecule dedicated to rodent control - chlorophacinone.
In 1976, to counter immunity that had emerged in rats strains, LIPHATECH discovered and patented the first second-generation rodent control molecule - Bromadiolone. A single dose of bait is lethal to rodents.
In 1989, Difethialone was discovered and patented by LIPHATECH. Its effectiveness on rodents is without precedent. Difethialone is the last active ingredient on the market to have been discovered to date.

LIPHATECH, a specialist in pest control, offers a full range of products including bait stations and traps that are suitable for different types of pests and different applications.

LIPHATECH unceasingly invests in Research and Development in order to be at the cutting edge of pest control technology, to offer innovative solutions that are easy and practical to use, improving user safety and reducing environmental impact.

Future success also means investing in a long-term product offer. A team of regulatory specialists are involved on a daily basis in supporting and obtaining approval for our products worldwide.

In addition, future success is about eco-responsibility for the products that we supply – ensuring that they are placed on the market in line with user safety requirements and environmental preservation.

Since 2002, LIPHATECH has been wholly owned by the DE SANGOSSE Group, a provider that is specialized in plant protection, seeds and pest control.

To find out more: www.desangosse.com