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How Leptospirosis is transmitted ?

A small cut in the skin that comes into contact with the droppings or urine of infected rodents is enough to infect humans. This makes it a problematic disease that is potentially easy to catch as it does not require direct contact with a rodent. Only individuals working in specific at-risk trades are currently vaccinated against leptospirosis.

These include extermination professionals; professionals in charge of maintenance of pipes, waterways or river banks; or professionals working in sewers or treatment plants.

What is a biocidal product?

A product composed of one or more active substances intended to kill, repel or render harmful organisms harmless, to prevent their action or to combat them by chemical or biological action. Biocidal products are used for hygienic reasons to protect humans and their environment. There are 22 biocidal product types (PTs) divided into four main groups: disinfectants, preservatives, pest control products (including rodenticides – PT14) and other biocidal products.

What attracts rodents?

Generally speaking, rodents are attracted to any food source (human food or animal feed) as well as waste. They also seek shelter; clutter inside or outside your home and overgrown vegetation, which is a welcoming environment for rodents.

What is the relationship between DE SANGOSSE and LIPHATECH?

In 2002, the LIPHATECH production plant, specialised in manufacturing rodent control products, was bought by the De Sangosse company from the Merck group. In 2003, the entire production facility was transferred to the new Pont du Casse industrial site built for the company’s rodent control activity. LIPHATECH then became a subsidiary of De Sangosse, which is a majority employee-owned company. To learn more about LIPHATECH’s history, click here!

Can you explain what LD50 is?

LD50 (Lethal Dose 50) is the dose at which 50% of the tested animal population dies. It is expressed in milligrams of active substance per kilogram of animal weight and therefore varies according to the substance and the type of animal. The LD50 is a laboratory measurement that indicates the toxicity of the active substance. When applied to a rodenticide product, the LD50 does not reflect the reality in the field because, in order to be evaluated, the tested substance is administered in a single dose by forced feeding. To truly evaluate the efficacy of a bait, it is essential to refer to tests carried out in real conditions on wild animals. Find out more?

Does LIPHATECH only produce baits?

The company focuses its efforts on two areas of innovation: baits, by designing new active substances and new formulas, and equipment, by inventing traps and bait stations employing new technologies. Each year LIPHATECH devotes substantial funds to research and innovation and is committed to bringing to the market only those solutions with proven efficacy.