from R&D to Distribution

Each year, LIPHATECH allocates about 20% of its annual turnover in products innovation. The highly regulated process to bring these products to market goes through numerous stages.

See how LIPHATECH manages the entire chain in eight key stages

<span class="nb">01</span><span class="slidetitle"> Research and Development </span> 01. Research and Development With our investment in fundamental research, LIPHATECH, in partnership with public and private institutions, designs new active substances and develops finished products with proven efficacy. This stage takes between eight and ten years. <span class="nb">02</span><span class="slidetitle"> Production </span> 02. Production The production of new actives substances and products begins in the lab before being launched on an industrial scale. The manufacturing process for the finished product is described in details: raw materials and equipment settings. <span class="nb">03</span><span class="slidetitle">Approval of active substance</span> 03. Approval of active substance In accordance with the authorities requirement and with the country legislation, LIPHATECH's regulatory Department prepares over several years a file based on a large number of laboratory studies and field experiments. The authorities then evaluate the dossier (3 to 5 years). <span class="nb">04</span><span class="slidetitle">Legal</span> 04. Legal As soon as the new active substance is approved, LIPHATECH files international patents worldwide in order to protect the invention. When the finished products are ready, LIPHATECH registers brand names for commercial exploitation. <span class="nb">05</span><span class="slidetitle">Product registration</span> 05. Product registration After the active substance is approved, LIPHATECH conducts new studies for the registration dossier on the finished product. The evaluation lasts two years, or even more, for authorisations granted in each country. <span class="nb">06</span><span class="slidetitle">Technical</span> 06. Technical LIPHATECH’s technical experts draw up test protocols based on the products to be evaluated. They implement and monitor field trials to demonstrate the effectiveness/efficiency of our products in real conditions. They assist customers. <span class="nb">07</span><span class="slidetitle">Marketing </span> 07. Marketing LIPHATECH draws from market studies to create its strategic plan for the commercial launch of new products. It builds up the marketing plan, operational tools and merchandising materials for customer support. <span class="nb">08</span><span class="slidetitle">Sales</span> 08. Sales LIPHATECH works with customers to prepare the commercial launch of the new products by sharing technical information and best practices. LIPHATECH provides customers with a range of services to meet their expectations.

For complementary and alternativerodent control solutions

LIPHATECH has just inaugurated its very first fabLab! This space dedicated to innovation is open to all employees and operates on a voluntary basis. Collaborative work, pooling and sharing of ideas and skills, multidisciplinary Team where everything is possible.

Fed through its partnerships with engineering and technical departments, academic institutes, the fabLab aims to design and produce prototypes of innovative mechanical solutions.





Fundamental research is the basis of LIPHATECH’s success.

The company’s expertise in chemistry and biology and its patents for anticoagulants make it the leader in rodent control. For LIPHATECH, fundamental research is a driving factor of innovation.