Once upon
a time

Anticoagulant brevetés par LIPHATECH
LIPHA pharmaceutical laboratories is founded

Our roots are in the pharmaceutical business.

Pioneer in the discovery of anticoagulants

LIPHA discovered that anticoagulants could be used for rodent control and filed patents for three of the eight major active substances used in the world today:

- Chlorophacinone in 1961
- Bromadiolone in 1976
- Difethialone in 1986

LIPHATECH, the LIPHA agricultural division is created
German pharmaceutical group Merck acquires LIPHA
DE SANGOSSE took the control of LIPHATECH from MERCK

From that point onwards, growth has been constantly improving

from our employees

After LIPHATECH's acquisition, we immediately announced our idea to build a new site in Agen (France), specialising in rodenticides production. The unique Team, which mobilised the company’s firmly established expertise and new skills, approached the project as an opportunity to reassess our processes and facilities to ensure they met new expectations and environmental and social needs.
The Team took on the challenge and successfully saw it through within a short one-year period.
Production Manager

An innovation strategy together with strong brands

In 2003, LIPHATECH inaugurated its production plant in Agen and began marketing its rodent control products to 3D professionals.

In 2006, it became the exclusive distributor of the SENTRI TECH termite control range for Dow France, and rounded out its range of ROZOL®, MAKI® and GENERATION® rodent control products by acquiring AEGIS®, a company specialising in bait stations design and production.

In 2013, LIPHATECH launched the NEORAMUS collaborative research Programme with the aim to develop new solutions for the future (active substance, new bait formulation, …).

With the recent launch of the BIAGRO® and LT KLEAN-AGRO™ brands for the agricultural and animal health market and FRAP® for non-professionals, LIPHATECH covers all markets in and outside France.

To safeguard a healthy environment by developing innovative and effective solutions, promoting good practices and limiting the environmental impact of our products.

A proactive

We are confident in our position as an innovative market leader and as such we are committed to investing in Research and Know-how. Our mission and engagement is to design and manufacture the best products and services, by anticipating, listening, adapting to market needs, and respecting regulatory requirements, with respect to environmental issues and societal expectations.

LIPHATECH’s CSR* policy encompasses actionable initiatives such as significantly reducing its energy consumption, ensuring rigorous waste management, constantly optimising its working conditions and encouraging a collaborative approach with all employees.
Furthermore, LIPHATECH is ISO 9001 certified since 2002 and constantly strives for continuous improvement in its key production and business processes.

*CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Makingrodent control everyone’s business

As the market leader in rodent control, we embrace our social responsibilities and this is the reason why we go beyond solely manufacturing and selling products.

We invest in industry federations initiatives, in France as well as in Europe, to promote and to defend the industry by deploying all our energy to countering preconceived ideas.

In order to effectively fight against rodents, LIPHATECH develops educational tools to support professionals in their daily task consisting in the protection of our properties, resources and health.


LIPHATECH as a member of DE SANGOSSE Group is a majority employee-owned company.

This very specific and original management model grants us a total freedom in our operations and allows maintaining a strong investment policy, especially with regards to Academic Research and the company’s industrial facilities.

The amounts budgeted each year (between 15% and 20% of total turnover regardless of the economic condition), to create new solutions and to modernise the plant’s equipment, help to ensure regular and sustainable growth.

The regulatorydepartment

LIPHATECH’s regulatory department exclusivly dedicated to biocides helps the company to successfully manage the whole regulatory process from the approval of active substances to national products registrations at worldwide level.

The regulatory department is involved in industry federations at an international level and undertakes all key actions on behalf of the industry. Today, LIPHATECH is recognised as a committed leader that places the interests of the industry ahead of its own interests.

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LIPHATECH has manufacturing-plants located in France and in the United States (LIPHATECH–Inc. Milwaukee) to cater for a worldwide product distribution. The Export Team  strives to build balanced and long-lasting partnerships with companies sharing our vision. LIPHATECH current export turnover is over 35%.

LIPHATECH continuously  contributes by sharing its expertise, developing a complete range of solutions, and providing them with good practices promoting tools.

As the global market leader, LIPHATECH is committed to ensuring that the products placed on the market comply with the regulations in force in each country.