Let’s work
for a healthy environment

Bienvenue sur Liphatech

An innovative market leader in rodent control

LIPHATECH is committed to investing in knowledge and research; to designing and manufacturing the best products and services; to respecting and anticipating regulatory requirements, environmental issues and societal expectations; and to continuously improving its key business processes (ISO 9001 certification since 2002).

LIPHATECH’s CSR policy encompasses actionable initiatives such as significantly reducing its energy consumption, ensuring rigorous waste management, constantly optimising its working conditions, and encouraging a collaborative approach with all employees.

Let’s work for
a healthy environment

LIPHATECH employees work together every day to ensure their efforts lead to valuable results. The company’s strength lies in its perfect control of all processes, from new product design to manufacturing and marketing.

A unique
manufacturing process

LIPHATECH deploys a high-tech industrial process called LT®PROCESS that relies on state-of-the-art facilities and substantial annual investment. The company is committed to offering high-quality baits and guaranteeing optimum product efficacy as well as maximum user safety.

for everyone

LIPHATECH is strongly committed to listening to the markets and adapting its offer accordingly. The company is currently developing ranges of solutions for both professional and non-professional users to meet their unique requirements.

from our employees

I immediately understood why it was important to put our company’s vision down in writing. We needed to take stock of our business and consider societal changes in order to define what LIPHATECH represents today and determine its future path.
Sales Director